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Don't Give me a Reason to Sell My SoulDon't give me a reason to sell my soul, she should have said.
Instead, she just stared at the man on the screen in front of her, the man with his long, drooping skin, tired eyes, haggard face and balding head. He was hardly the admiral we had once known. She said "I don't have any desire to do it," and then quickly, "but I'll follow my orders, if you give them to me."
There was fright in her eyes. She gripped the edges of the captain's chair and bit her cheek, fighting off inevitable tears. But not here. She couldn't cry now. People relied on her to be strong. What people she wasn’t sure, but someone, somewhere, surely. She had to believe that.
"Those are your orders," the man said, sinking heavily into his chair. "I trust you'll carry them out."
She snapped off communications with ill-hid despair. Her blonde hair, thin and almost colorless, hung around her face like a fallen halo, fading with every sin. Her lips were tight, her cheeks drawn, and her eyes stared out of bru

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supernovae"Wouldn't it be great if we could watch a star explode?"
It was just like her to say that. The violence of another world's ending was, to her, poetic. If our own sun exploded, I think she'd open up her arms to embrace it.
"I don't know that I'd want to be that close," I said.
"That's the cool part. You wouldn't have to be." But she still didn't think we were close enough.
That was how we always ended up like this, sitting in a car, driving to nowhere, with nothing but the sound of the tires on the highway and the company of the stars above us. She couldn't sit still long enough to color in the details, so we never did. We just kept driving.
She leaned back in the passenger seat and kicked her feet up, staring at the ceiling of the car as if it wasn't there.
"When stars exploded a long time ago, they painted pictures of them and wondered if the gods were looking down on them. What do you think we'll do when we get to see one?"
"Take a picture."
She shot an expression at me that I

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.:NaPoWriMo Feature #4

Mon May 26, 2014, 10:56 PM
We're getting close to the end of May, now, and close to the end of my (non-exhaustive) series of features on all the great poems people wrote last month for :iconnapowrimo:. Without wasting any more of your time with my words (unless you'd like to go take a look at my gallery...) here are some more of my favorite pieces!

NaPoWriMo #3 - Paper Trailshe is an accumulation of pieces
from a dozen other lives: a french
tea cup, painted in the soft, pastel
hues of a stale winter; a twisted hair
pin, scavenged from an overflowing
gutter during a hailstorm in a faceless
city; a letter, written in a cultured hand,
too faded to make out anything but the
signature; a small suitcase, complete
with broken handle and torn lining, the
evidence of long years of abuse.
these pieces, when patched together,
give her a memory, an identity -- but
they do not give her a name.
a name is the last thing that she is allowed
to have: that, and a paper trail. anyone can
follow a trail like that and that's the last
thing daddy wants (isn't it, sweetpea?).
Day six.You with your toy box heart
But my life is not a plaything.
You ran your silver tongue
And cut open my skin,
Pulled out my arteries
To use as puppet strings.
But I will not dance for you.
When my eyes become gravestones
And my tongue is a bouquet of ashes
Then, I will be yours.
divinity on the church stepsa leaf swept down from heaven’s gate
to rest upon her brow,
it bided there above the plait
dark as a walnut bough
it curled, as cupped by unseen hand
above her merry eyes
entangled with a chestnut strand
then rose up to the skies.
it danced away, a verdant note
as I sent up my prayer—
would that I were a leaf afloat
and a kiss upon her hair.

BlurI looked at the world
from a thousand angles and
now it's all a blur.
i saw moons etched in your back like fireflieswe
sat there
in the morning
as stars
around our heads
and nervous caves
hollowed our
‘till i
could hear
screaming in
the air
and see you/
a little soul
carrying around a corpse.
i saw moons etched
in your back
like fireflies
and cavities filled with stardust in your
tumbledown graveyard of teeth
you heard ghosts
in the walls
and flicked the ash
from your
now i
she was
but nobody
could see
the struggle
until it was
and fish
in the
of her
Manifestation Of Enlightenment by VertigoArt

As always, just a few for you guys, the better for you to read all of them! Thanks for stopping by!


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