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It'll be the future soon.
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Don't Give me a Reason to Sell My SoulDon't give me a reason to sell my soul, she should have said.
Instead, she just stared at the man on the screen in front of her, the man with his long, drooping skin, tired eyes, haggard face and balding head. He was hardly the admiral we had once known. She said "I don't have any desire to do it," and then quickly, "but I'll follow my orders, if you give them to me."
There was fright in her eyes. She gripped the edges of the captain's chair and bit her cheek, fighting off inevitable tears. But not here. She couldn't cry now. People relied on her to be strong. What people she wasn’t sure, but someone, somewhere, surely. She had to believe that.
"Those are your orders," the man said, sinking heavily into his chair. "I trust you'll carry them out."
She snapped off communications with ill-hid despair. Her blonde hair, thin and almost colorless, hung around her face like a fallen halo, fading with every sin. Her lips were tight, her cheeks drawn, and her eyes stared out of bru

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supernovae"Wouldn't it be great if we could watch a star explode?"
It was just like her to say that. The violence of another world's ending was, to her, poetic. If our own sun exploded, I think she'd open up her arms to embrace it.
"I don't know that I'd want to be that close," I said.
"That's the cool part. You wouldn't have to be." But she still didn't think we were close enough.
That was how we always ended up like this, sitting in a car, driving to nowhere, with nothing but the sound of the tires on the highway and the company of the stars above us. She couldn't sit still long enough to color in the details, so we never did. We just kept driving.
She leaned back in the passenger seat and kicked her feet up, staring at the ceiling of the car as if it wasn't there.
"When stars exploded a long time ago, they painted pictures of them and wondered if the gods were looking down on them. What do you think we'll do when we get to see one?"
"Take a picture."
She shot an expression at me that I

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may as well buy another packcollapse, and breathe into the carpet:
sunday mornings are not
for falling apart, but damn
the amphorics, this
is not an atmosphere.
you fell in love like you always
wish you didn't, made all their
smiles replaceable, interchangeable,
fell asleep with shadows and kept
drinking, just letting yourself sleep
with blue pills
and tried not to scream.
(keep this image in your head:
fire and nectarines, a sudden jerk
of realization, inspiration
breaking your neck and leaving you forever
breaking bones is not so different
from breaking hearts - it's all about
the leverage, the angle, the mode
of attack
(and at least it wasn't personal; 
it can color in your own guilt
for starting lines and never ending

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The Exception, Not The RuleJust let you go.  Cornucopia, meadowlark.  
just let me die.
I'd like to explain,
to eradicate,
and we are excess,
my dear Greyson;
the inception
of waste.
He stutters through
straight tequila
and ego.  
Blurred butterscotch eyes,
scalding alcohol,
delicious pride.
And to ignore the capacity,
sheer magnetism;
the pull of
incapacitated integrity.
I love(d) you.

by EmaciatedandEpitaphs

The first word I think of when re-reading this piece is 'stunning'. There is a beauty in the short stanzas and long spaces that feels like breathing slowly. The word choice is perfect - unexpected but expressive in all the right ways. "The Exception, Not the Rule" is exactly what poetry should be: concise, immersive, and wonderfully worded.

(The Weekly Standout is a weekly feature of some of work that I find truly incredible from the literature community. Have a piece you think should be featured? Feel free to note me!)

Everything I've featured so far can be found here!


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.: 2015 (2014 was tl,dr)

Fri Jan 16, 2015, 12:54 PM
It's been 2015 for more than two weeks now, but I think I'm only now starting to realize it. Fifteen years since 2000 - I still remember being nine years old and going into my dad's office in 2000 to make sure the computers weren't all about to fail miserably. 10 years since a slew of my favorite bands released some of their first albums - albums that would end up defining high school for me. Wild.

Anyway, I've been employed (at a Charity Agency) for a few months now, and things are going well. Helping people and doing fundraisers is a lot of work, but fairly rewarding. I've decided to read all of Shakespeare's plays this year (or reread). You can follow that adventure on goodreads if you'd like. Friend me and I'll friend you back.

I am seriously so close to finishing the novel I'm writing (my seventh) that I can taste it. It's a matter of getting into the right emotional space I think. I'm maybe twenty pages from the finale, and it's killing me a little bit. My next novel (the finale to a quartet of stories) is pushing for space in my head these days. The trials of being a writer, I swear.

Also! I changed that picture of my suit to an actual picture of me as my profile picture. I was never exactly hiding my face, (there are like four links on my page that would have led you to pictures of me) but now it's even easier to see my dumb face! 

Finally, I'd like to thank all of you for supporting me and reading my writing. I'd like to thank Nullibicity, and beltminer for saying some truly nice things to me about my writing recently (which I appreciate more than almost anything, guys!) and chromeantennae for being just in general awesome (also, congrats on the DD, man! You rock.)

I think I am planning to put my Weekly Standout feature back into functioning as well after a few months of hiatus. I'm slowly working on another project that I'm kinda excited about too, and I'll update you if it starts moving forward.

Thanks again guys. I hope your 2015 is off to a decent start!


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Hello! I'm creativelycliche, but you can call me Josh. I am a recent college graduate with a passion for writing and telling stories, as you may be able to tell. In addition to the hundreds of poems and pieces of short fiction available here, I am also the author of six (unpublished) novels and I am currently writing through my seventh. I self-published a digital collection of poetry in 2011 and a book of short stories in 2010. Both can be downloaded for free on goodreads. Writing is what I do. Thanks for coming by my page, and I hope there's something here you like!

And you, dear reader, who has stumbled upon my humble page in the vast hollows of the internet, I think you've got all the potential in the world to be who you want to be.

I wish you luck on all of today's endeavors. (and never give up the dream!)


Feel free to friend me: (I back-follow/friend/etc. in most cases - especially if you mention you're from dA!)

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(I can be a really quiet guy, but it isn't because I don't love and appreciate all of you! If you want to talk, feel free to send me a message - I'll do my best not to be lame!)

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creativelycliche [has] a fiercely intelligent mind which shows in his work. -Aerode

I certainly think [he] ha[s] a wonderful talent... perhaps one I am envious of :giggle:. -Nullibicity

One of my dA literary heroes - friendlyneighbor



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