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Don't Give me a Reason to Sell My SoulDon't give me a reason to sell my soul, she should have said.
Instead, she just stared at the man on the screen in front of her, the man with his long, drooping skin, tired eyes, haggard face and balding head. He was hardly the admiral we had once known. She said "I don't have any desire to do it," and then quickly, "but I'll follow my orders, if you give them to me."
There was fright in her eyes. She gripped the edges of the captain's chair and bit her cheek, fighting off inevitable tears. But not here. She couldn't cry now. People relied on her to be strong. What people she wasn’t sure, but someone, somewhere, surely. She had to believe that.
"Those are your orders," the man said, sinking heavily into his chair. "I trust you'll carry them out."
She snapped off communications with ill-hid despair. Her blonde hair, thin and almost colorless, hung around her face like a fallen halo, fading with every sin. Her lips were tight, her cheeks drawn, and her eyes stared out of bru

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supernovae"Wouldn't it be great if we could watch a star explode?"
It was just like her to say that. The violence of another world's ending was, to her, poetic. If our own sun exploded, I think she'd open up her arms to embrace it.
"I don't know that I'd want to be that close," I said.
"That's the cool part. You wouldn't have to be." But she still didn't think we were close enough.
That was how we always ended up like this, sitting in a car, driving to nowhere, with nothing but the sound of the tires on the highway and the company of the stars above us. She couldn't sit still long enough to color in the details, so we never did. We just kept driving.
She leaned back in the passenger seat and kicked her feet up, staring at the ceiling of the car as if it wasn't there.
"When stars exploded a long time ago, they painted pictures of them and wondered if the gods were looking down on them. What do you think we'll do when we get to see one?"
"Take a picture."
She shot an expression at me that I

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Suggested by hypermagical
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may as well buy another packcollapse, and breathe into the carpet:
sunday mornings are not
for falling apart, but damn
the amphorics, this
is not an atmosphere.
you fell in love like you always
wish you didn't, made all their
smiles replaceable, interchangeable,
fell asleep with shadows and kept
drinking, just letting yourself sleep
with blue pills
and tried not to scream.
(keep this image in your head:
fire and nectarines, a sudden jerk
of realization, inspiration
breaking your neck and leaving you forever
breaking bones is not so different
from breaking hearts - it's all about
the leverage, the angle, the mode
of attack
(and at least it wasn't personal; 
it can color in your own guilt
for starting lines and never ending

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Suggested by AyeAye12
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Another weekly standout! 

2 deviants said Please come take a look!
No deviants said This time I'm featuring the amazing BlackBowfin.
No deviants said (and to all those folks getting back to school about now, I hope it's the start to a wonderful year!)

Weekly Standout

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The Answer is Noneplease excuse the crushing
  tense-air vice
  of this conversation
and i'll forgive the wheeze
as my mind's
                 and thumb
pinch your windpipe
all but        shut
watch my fading blur
   as i step like god
             pre-creation's fog
  and your heels drag
             beside me
   now you're the one
   whose able is unned
          dissed and nonned
your ghostlungs, my balloon
     floating and bumping
 against weather
 and the whether
                          or not
     of pressure differentials
  feels true, against
  hollow seizing

by BlackBowfin

BlackBowfin's "The Answer is None" is a potent, personal piece of brilliance. "Watch my fading blur as i step like god through pre-creation's fog" is a stunning section of effective word choice and imagery. BlackBowfin's sense for space, aesthetic and linebreaks shine here too, creating a truly memorable piece of poetry.

(The Weekly Standout is a weekly feature of some of work that I find truly incredible from the literature community. Have a piece you think should be featured? Feel free to note me!)


.: From Time to Time

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 3:51 PM
Hello again, everyone! 

If my watchers missed it, I received my third Daily Deviation a few days ago on a poem, may as well buy another pack. A huge thanks to AyeAye12 for suggesting and GrimFace242 for featuring! Everyone go give them some love for me, would you? =P

I've been digging through the messages and visiting all the lovely pages of the people who've favorited that piece, and I'm almost through them all. Expect llamas. 

I've also finished with Flash-Fic-Month. Actually I wussed out and didn't finish. I got to day 28, but the challenges in addition to my general anxieties and lack of inspiration have gotten the best of me. No more message center spamming for all of my watchers, though, so it isn't all bad news. I will also be storing or deleting some stories. I was not in general all that pleased with my output this month.

As a quick note on my actual life, I'm still uh... living it. I drove all the way across a few states and back in the past few weeks. I'm still hard at work on novel number 7 (working title currently: "Flickering Lights"). And I'm looking for actual work people will pay me for. I'm riding the line between "I'm a college educated, well-qualified potential employee" and "dear god I have no experience and no one will ever hire me." You know, the same place that pretty much everyone in my position is at. Persevere, I guess.

I did not do a good job of reading FFM pieces this month, but I'm going to try and comb back through them in the next few weeks when I have time. If anyone has anything they want me to read specifically, send me a link and I'll do it! (It doesn't even have to be for FFM.)

I hope everyone out there is getting by. What're you all up to? School starts soon for some of you at least, doesn't it?

Finally, a short little feature of some stuff because journals feel like a waste without them:
interstate.The indicator light clicked on and off, on and off. It glinted off the glass, flashes of glittering orange light in the semi-darkness. The silence filled my ears, wormed its way into my head, heavy and eerie. There was so little sound. Why was it so quiet? At last I could breathe, and the cold night air came rushing into my lungs, flat and polluted, like liquid diesel. A gasp of life. I closed my eyes. Opened them. Blink, blink, blink. Click, click, click goes the indicator in time. My breathing gradually becomes regular. A white light approaches and I can’t help but let it wash over me.
“I feel sick.”
A blue LED flicked on and burnt through the darkness, eventually trained on the slump of bodies on the back seat. No one said anything.
“Bella. Bella, I feel sick.”
“I feel sick,” her feeble voice scratched at the window panes as it rose. There was a shuffle of fabric and then a low thump.
“Bella. Wake up. Bella.”
   BladeZevida went through her morning exercise like it was a dance.
And in this dance, she imagined a sword in her hand.  Imagined it as an extension of her hand.  A slice and an enemy would bleed.  A step forward and an enemy would die.
Zevida smiled and whispered the words she always whispered: “Humans have no natural weapons.”  And as she always did, she finished the saying in her thoughts: But we are the ones who can shape the world.
She imagined the end of the routine as a decapitation.  And one day, it would be.  It would be.
   24The night tasted like
cigarettes and black coffee.
We stayed out well past
the foggy dawn,
lying on the dewy grass
by the lake, our smoke
rising up to blend in
to the charcoal colored sky.
When we listened,
we found the welcome
hum of silence and
peaceful breaths,
and when we searched,
we felt the not-aloneness
of existing beside another
broken person.
And the stars smiled
down on us as if
they were omniscient
little gods.


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